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Brass Pool Anchor
Brass Drop Anchor Manufacturer and Exporter of Brass Union Male Connector, Brass Union Male Tee, Brass Union Solder Connector, Brass Union, Brass Union Fittings, Brass Union Pipe Fittings, Brass Wood Anchors.
Brass Wedge Anchors
   Brass Washers
  Brass Washers 
Brass Washers Brass Washers Brass Washers
Knurling Inserts Brass Washers Details :

Brass Carriage Bolts Tooth Washer Brass Carriage Bolts Square Washers Brass Carriage Bolts Flat Washers Brass Carriage Bolts Spring Lock Washers

Brass Washers are Manufactured From Brass Sheets

Any Special Brass Material Composition As Per Customers Requirement.

Any kind of brass washers can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer specifications, design and requirement.

 Washers Din Specification
DIN 93 - Tab Washers With Long Tab DIN 126 - Flat Washer Without Chamfer
DIN 125 A - Flat Washer Without Chamfer DIN 128 A - Split Spring Washers, Curved
DIN 125 B - Flat Washer With Chamfer DIN 128 B - Split Spring Washers, Waved
DIN 137 A - Spring Washer, Curved DIN 432 - External Tab Washer
DIN 137 B - Spring Washer, Waved DIN 462 - Internal Tab Washers
DIN 470 - Sealing Washers DIN 436 - Square Washer
DIN 988 - Shim Washers DIN 7980 - Hi-Collar Lock Washers
DIN 6796 - Conical Spring Washers (Belleville Type) DIN 6797 AZ - Tooth Lock Washers (Type AZ)
DIN 6797 Internal/External Tooth Lock Washers DIN 6798 AZV - Serrated Lock Washers  

Any kind of brass washers can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer's Requirement & Specifications

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